Smack Her Elli

Number: 410ci
Hometown: Michigan
Occupation: Interior Designer - Space Planner
Position(s): Any
Birthday: September 17th
Hates: Stupid people, mean girls, arrogance
Loves: Husband, family, friends, derby, candy, diet Pepsi
Derby Injuries: Bumps and bruises
Favorite Derby Moment(s): Tiny's looks of intimidation
Favorite. . .
  • ...things about derby? Kick ass workout we recieve at every practice, awesome people
  • ...drinks? Beer, Red Wine, diet Pepsi
  • ...foods? Hummus, sweet tarts
  • ...things to do off-track? Camping, hiking, dancing, beach vacations, vacations in general, hanging out with friends and family

Meaning of your Derby Name: Elli was a nickname I aquired in high school (Too many Lisa's). It just so happens that L.E. are my initials :) I soo look forward to smack'n some chicks!