What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby has evolved from Depression-era curiosity to '60s/'70s televised cheesefest to modern-day sports phenomenon. In the 2000s, roller derby has been reborn as a serious sport that isn't afraid to show its playful side, with hundreds of leagues springing up around the world since. Most are amateur and all-girl. It's definitely not just fighting on wheels—there are rules and rigor along with the fishnets.

Roller derby is kind of like a race between two skaters, each with four girls helping her – and four trying to hurt her. Two teams have five skaters on the track at a time. The one who scores the points is the Jammer – her goal is to pass the opposing skaters as many times as possible. The four other skaters on her team – the Blockers, led by a Pivot – play offense and defense at the same time. They try to block the opposing Jammer and clear a path for their own Jammer.

Much as we derby sisters love slamming into each other, there are rules. Tripping, kicking, punching, and elbow-throwing will all get you penalties. But you can use your shoulders, hips, and other areas to deliver the hurt.

About Us

The Circle City Derby Girls are an Indianapolis women's roller derby league. We were founded in 2008 and operate independently of all other leagues. Like most of today's roller derby leagues, we're skater-owned and rely on the support of a community of volunteers. We compete against leagues across the Midwest and hold public bouts in the Indianapolis metro area. Bouts for the 2016 season will take place at Perry Park on the south side of Indianapolis - 451 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227.

One thing that's different about us is that we welcome skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to veteran derby girls. Want to join? Email us us for more info!