Pound Cake

Number: 16
Occupation: Architect
Position(s): Still honing these mad skills
Birthday: Sept. 10th
Hates: Stink bugs and loud chewing
Loves: PIZZA!, hay rolls, and the smell of campfire and tomato plants
Derby Injuries: Nothing too serious yet- let's keep it that way!
Meaning of Your Derby Name: My initials are "LB," so at some point acquired the nickname pound (lb). And I love dessert.
Favorite. . .
  • ...thing about derby? Challenging myself and working together with an awesome group of women!
  • ...song? Move Your Feet (Junior Senior)
  • ...foods? Artsy ice cream, bourbon w/ hot chocolate chip cookies
  • ...things to do off-track? Spending time with my guys, growing food, bicycling, and hittin' up thrift shops

Pre-Bout Rituals: Eating bananas while my husband tightens my toe stops