Number: 28
Hometown: I've lived a lot of places (Air Force brat!) but my family lives in Wilton, ME
Occupation: Landscape Designer
Position(s): Still working on it!
Birthday: June 28
Hates: Slow drivers/walkers/etc, clutter, and whining
Loves: Dogs, Star Wars and most things nerdy/geeky, baked goods
Derby Injuries: Broken tibia and fibula, now I'm bionic!!
Meaning of Your Derby Name: Edelweiss is the flower of Austria where my grandfather was from and it also symbolizes courage.
Favorite. . .
  • ...song? "Wild Eyes" - Parkway Drive
  • ...thing about derbys? The challenge and athleticism and the camaraderie with so many amazing, strong women!
  • ...things to do off-track? Woodworking, crafting, watching movies

Pre-Bout Rituals: Don't have any yet!