Splatty Hearst

Number: 74
Hometown: Kokomo
Occupation: Art Director; Certified Derby Lite Instructor & Pivot Partner, DERBY LITE: Indianapolis
Position(s): Retired
Birthday: June 10
Hates: Waiting in line, talking on the phone, getting stuck in traffic
Loves: Doggies (kittehs are OK, too), live music, John Waters films
Derby Wife: I prefer to remain single - one spouse in my life is plenty. I do, however, have lots and lots of derby crushes.
Derby Injuries: Sprained ankle, smashed fingertips (and subsequent loss of fingernail), bursa inflammation of the shoulder ... plus various assorted scrapes, bruises and floorburns. No major injuries to report (knock on wood ...).
Meaning of Your Derby Name: It's a spin on Patty Hearst, publishing heiress and socialite, who was kidnapped by a domestic terrorist group in 1974. She was brainwashed and turned into an armed bank robber. After a particular robbery went wrong (a bank worker was shot and killed), Patty was arrested and briefly imprisoned. Bill Clinton later pardoned her.
Favorite. . .
  • ...skate set-up? Riedell 265s with skinny wheels (Heartless or Radar Diamonds)
  • ...song to skate to? Brick House is probably my all-time favorite. Reminds me of the skating rinks I frequented as a kid.
  • ...things about derby? It has brought roller skating — which I loved so much as a kid — back into my life. The derby community in general is very supportive, encouraging, and accepting of folks from all backgrounds and all walks of life; anyone can get involved and participate in roller derby in some capacity.
  • ...drinks? Wine, beer, the occasional mojito
  • ...foods? Ice cream, sushi, fancy cheese
  • ...things to do off-track? Gardening, going to concerts, hanging out with my boys (derby widow and doggie)
Contact? SplattyHearst@DerbyLite.orghttp://my.derbylite.net/indianapolis/ | https://www.facebook.com/derbyliteindianapolis

Favorite Derby Moment(s): Getting lead jammer in our very first bout against Demolition City. It was a tough bout, and we lost big. I got through the pack and scored some points, and that felt like an enormous accomplishment.