Red Zepplin

Number: 57
Hometown: Planet Earth
Occupation: Kicking Ass
Position(s): To Be Determined
Birthday: August 20th
Hates: Chronic pessimism, spiders, and chapped lips
Loves: Chronic optimism, snuggles, and chapstick
Derby Wife: Still on the market!
Derby Injuries: Smooth skatin' so far!
Meaning of Your Derby Name: I'm a Fiery Red-Headed Dirigible that will carry my team to war then drop BOMBS on the enemy!
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): Make sure I have all my GEAR?!?
Trademark: Hooks and uppercuts (legal ones)
Favorite. . .
  • to skate to? Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan
  • ...things about derby? Knock bitches over? Dress crazy and sassy? On skates? Yes, please!
  • ...drinks? Quality craft beer, coconut water, fresh squeezed juice
  • ...foods? Salty, anything salty. Drenched in liquid cheese.
  • ...things to do off-track? Boxing, being a momma, riding motorcycles and lazy Sundays in my PJ's

Favorite Derby Moment(s): Getting the email "Congrats, you made the team!"