Mister Macabre

Number: BDR 529
Hometown: Sweet Home Chicago
Occupation: Announcer
Hates: Coffee, chocolate/peanut butter combinations, and people that don't know what the subjunctive case is.
Loves: Beer, beer, and, beer... and other things
Trademark: Scalding wit, bombastic outrage
Favorite. . .
  • ...song to skate to? Some say it's in the hall of the mountain king, by edvard grieg... other subscribe to radar love , by golden earring... myself, i like to skate to istanbul not constantinople, performed by they might be giants.
  • ...things about derby? It's like watching porn, except without the sex and nudity. you can just sit back, watch and enjoy without getting all sweaty.
  • ...drinks? My favorite drink is free, followed by: keg, bottle, then can... after that, I tend to be a bit picky
  • ...things to do off-track? Star wars, paintball, serial killing... er, uh, studying serial killers...
  • ...books? Gray's anatomy of the human body, by henry gray... but the t.v. series is nothing like the book
  • ...guilty pleasure? Thin mint cookies- if you hate me, throw boxes at me.. if you like me, throw boxes at me.

Pre-Bout Ritual: One bourbon, one scotch, one beer