Lady Miss Bier

Number: 8
Hometown: I'm from Indiana
Occupation: Fab Crab
Position(s): Blocker
Hates: I'm not much of a hater.
Loves: My awesome husband, my dogs, a good beat.
Derby Wife: Megan Enemies
Derby Injuries: Burst bursa sacs on both knees
Favorite Derby Moment(s) Winning Rolling Along the River 2012
Meaning of Your Derby Name: It's a play on Lady Miss Kier, the singer for Deee-Lite. A bier is a frame for hauling bodies or coffins.
Skating Since: The 70s
Why I Call Myself a Roller Girl: Cause that's how I roll
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): Eat a decent lunch, partake in some locker room silliness & usually answer a ton of questions.
Trademark: Booty blocking
Favorite. . .
  • ...skate set-up? Riedell 495 boots with Rol-Line Variant M plates. Currently in love with Boom Firm wheels (for concrete).
  • to skate to? Groove Is In The Heart
  • ...things about derby? All the wonderful people I've met.
  • ...drinks? Tazo Zen tea, Oberon
  • I just love food. Not fancy olives or bleu cheese though.
  • ...things to do off-track? Hiking, singing, kayaking
  • ...books? Where the Wild Things Are
  • ...movies? Death Proof, Better Off Dead
  • Only have one, so it is my favorite
  • ...guilty pleasure? Trash tv, new wave music, skittles

How I Got Started Skating: My older sister was an awesome skater. I tagged along...still jealous of her sweet suede skates she was rockin'.