LC Hammer

Number: 687
Hometown: Pittsboro, IN
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Position(s): To Be Determined
Birthday: July 26th
Hates: Mayonnaise and rude people
Loves: Having painted nails, lotion, my Hubby and my little girl.
Derby Wife: Currently Single
Derby Injuries: Bruises, bruises and more bruises
Favorite. . .
  • ...things about derby? The teamwork and the workout I get every time I put my skates on.
  • ...drinks? Rockstar and Fruity beer
  • ...foods? Mac and Cheese, Pittsboro Pizza, banana peppers, and pickles.
  • ...things to do off-track? Being with my family and friends, watching Trashy TV, cooking, and cuddling with my animals.

Meaning of Your Derby Name: Can’t touch this….