Imaginary Friend

Number: 203
Occupation: ER nurse, no its really nothing like ER or Greys... really its more like Scrubs most days.
Position(s): Blocker
Derby Injuries: Sprained ankle, corneal abrasion are the only injuries diagnosis by a medical professional other than myself
Meaning of Your Derby Name: Name, Joined twin city derby girls and ended up going to the new skater practices, but on league practice nights I was always at work so my friends kept turning in all my forms, money, proof of insurance, after awhile the joke was I didn't exist and I was their imaginary friend.
Story Behind Your Number: All the numbers I wanted were already taken so I looked up police codes and liked 203 for mayhem... then my brother pointed out it was our high school district number. Since we were told I was too dumb to graduate high school in first grade my number now reminds me of nothing is impossible. My derby career is a long story of me working towards goals that feel impossible, but become achievable.