Guiyatine Gretyl

Number: oz914
Hometown: Xenia, OH
Occupation: Social Work
Position(s): Blocker, Pivot
Birthday: November 9th
Hates: Unnecessarily ignorant people.
Loves: Derby! I also love being with family and friends, learning, reading and drinking coffee.
Skating in the 2012 BHRG B-Cup, skating against D3, and road trips with my teammates.
Derby Injuries: Hip fracture, hip flexor strain and sprain, andhip impingement
Meaning of Your Derby Name: It's an alliteration of a childhood nickname and homage to one of my favorite historical leaders, Marie Antoinette.
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): Hydrate, eat well, stretch, and listen to music.
Trademark: Hip and body checks
Favorite. . .
  • ...skate set-up? Labeda G80 Limited Edition
  • to skate to? This One’s for Us ~ The Involuntarys
  • ...things about derby? EVERYTHING!
  • ...books? Dysfunctional fiction, memories, and serial killer biography
  • shows? Glee, Big Bang Theory, Forensic Files
  • ...things to do off-track? Hang out with my daughter; skate; sleep - in that order.

How I Got Started: When I was 2 I got over the shoe/adjustable skates for Christmas and taught myself to skate. I spent every free moment skating for years. Although I stopped skating for a long time, a year and a half ago I told myself, I need something to do that’s fun. I’m going to join roller derby. A year later I actually got the balls to do it and here I am. Derby has reminded me of everything I love about strapping on my skates and hitting the rink