Bontonomo Bay

Number: 707
Hometown: Philadelphia! Although I've lived in a number of places since leaving Philly and moving to Indy.
Occupation: Market Researcher, currently doing Social Listening.
Position(s): Blocker and Jammer.
Birthday: September 12th
Hates: When people stop in through-ways. This can take many forms, such as people standing in doorways, blocking me from walking through or when 3 + people walk side-by-side on the sidewalk, making it difficult for me to walk around them. I think there's a trend here.
Loves: Traveling, trivia, and working on the treadmill desks at work (don't knock it until you've tried it! I concentrate so much better on one.)
Derby Injuries: No major injuries yet (knock on wood). I hurt my tailbone at my very first new skater workshop class, but didn't let that stop me.
Meaning of Your Derby Name: I wanted my real name to be in my skater name and I thought Bontonomo was funny. No deeper meaning there, besides the Guantanamo Bay reference.
Favorite. . .
  • ...drinks? seltzer
  • ...things to do off-track? discover new restaurants, catch up on my favorite classy and trashy TV shows, listen to podcasts, and travel.

Pre-Bout Rituals: None, besides showering and my ongoing struggle to find the right pre-bout meal.