Bones McKracken

Number: 11
Hometown: Noblesville
Occupation: HBIC
Position(s): Blocker
Birthday: August 3rd
Hates: People that do not take personal responsibility, spring in February (allergies), people that are late, slow drivers
Loves: Family, friends, live music, swimming
Derby Injuries: Only bad bruises, nothing major.
Meaning of Your Derby Name: Because I be cracken' dem bones!
Favorite. . .
  • ...derby moment? Friends and family coming out to support me in my first bout (Halloween bout) and winning best costume!
  • Usually something electronica that's very loud and obnoxious
  • ...drinks? Coffee, water, beer
  • ...foods? Everything, not picky
  • ...things to do off-track? Spend time with my family, cook/grill, go to concerts or any live music

Pre-Bout Rituals: Only one bout in the books to speak of so far, but I was so nervous I asked the coach to slap me across the face if I asked her to in an effort to redirect my nervous energy. I ended up being fine, although I think she was excited to take me up on the offer, hahahaha!