Number: 515
Hometown: Ames, Iowa
Occupation: HIV Program Management
Position(s): To Be Determined
Birthday: September 8th
Hates: Buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies
Loves: Family, derby, sushi, limericks
Derby Injuries: Just bruises (knock on wood!)
Meaning of Your Derby Name: It's a toned down version of STDiva…
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): My guess is vomit. We'll see.
Favorite. . .
  • ...things about derby? Love it. Absolutely love it.
  • ...drinks? Dark and Stormy (the more gingery the better!)
  • ...foods? Sushi, BBQ, beets, pickled anything, cheese
  • ...things to do off-track? Helping out with Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby, skating with my junior skater Stormy Sky…well that's still ON the track. Okay. Knitting. I like knitting, hiking, and reading.