Banjo Brawler

Number: 23T (I had to change it to 23 for my last season but I will always claim 23T)
Hometown: Region Rat from Merrillville, IN (wait for me to finish my beer and you will clearly hear that northern accent come out)
Occupation: Momma Bear to 2 Toddlers (God help me that was why I played derby)
Position(s): Jammer
Birthday: October 23rd
Hates: People who chew too loud and eating out at restaurants
Loves: Family, cheese, banjo's, pigs, and since retiring I have replaced Derby with photography
Derby Injuries: Fortunately nothing too bad but I do love to take pictures of all the wicked bruises I got. I did sprain my MCL in a bout in the middle of my last season but honestly the most painful one was probably the horrible cracked tailbone I got from missing the bench when I went to sit back down to tie my boot. It happened before practice even got started and took months to heal all the way.
Meaning of Your Derby Name: My dad played the banjo growing up and I was learning to play when I started derby. My number was in honor of my father in law who was so excited when I started derby and couldn't wait to see me play. He was in the process of remodeling a 1923 model T when he very suddenly passed away...before I got the chance to play in my first bout.
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): I always ate scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, and fruit. I also spent hours stressing and double checking my gear bag to make sure I didn't forget anything. I have a habit of being a little forgetful
Favorite. . .
  • to skate to? I was the locker room DJ with my ipod and awesome workout mix so I had a lot I listened to get amped up. Since retiring "I Lived" by One Republic has pretty much become my anthem .
  • ...things about derby? All day every day...the people. I love all of them even if some days they would beat the snot out of me. They have given me strength I didn't know I had and taught me things about the world we live in that makes me a better woman, wife, mother, and friend.