Bambi Lance

Number: 54 46
Hometown: Greenfield
Occupation: Paramedic
Position(s): Blocker
Birthday: June 20th
Hates: Poor sportsman, ignorance
Loves: Music, Reading, Movies, my "midget"
Derby Wife: Bona Contention / Roxi Razorblade
Derby Injuries: Tons of bruises, MCL tear, concussion
Meaning of Your Derby Name: You figure it out
Pre-Bout Ritual(s): Eating with my Beattie
Trademark: Are you ok?
Favorite. . .
  • ...skate set-up? Riedell 265 boot, Powerdyne plates, china reds, and Heartless Vodoo/Stalker wheel combo
  • to skate to? Rise Above (Black Flag)
  • ...things about derby? My family. Nothing compares to my derby family
  • ...drinks? Amaretto Sours, vodka and cranberry
  • ...foods? All of it!!
  • ...things to do off-track? Playing with the midget, hanging with my friends/family, movies, reading, PLAYING GAMES

Favorite Derby Moment(s): After and after, after parties!